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this is "world news." tonight from the heart of the blizzard of 2013. 42 million people in the storm zone. cars crashing, people getting out to push their way through. and what will it be like if 70 miles per hour winds hit that snow? will this be boston's worst snowstorm in a century? vendetta. hundreds of police searching for the cop threatening their family. claiming to doctor a weapon that can rip through body armor, even cars. and since it's friday, we have our person of the week. a superstar of cooking, talking about great food, a confident
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life and a secret for valentine's day to make it one you will not forget. >> good evening. on this friday night. at this hour, 42 million americans in the storm zone. right now many of them trying to get home as a two-fisted snowstorm is moving in. two storms, a giant nor'easter of wind and moisture there on the right, about to get a jolt of extra energy from a second storm. and this is how it feels on the ground. streets are turned into ski slopes. snowplows, no match for the icy slick and a sign that says it all, avoid all travel. abc's weather editor sam champion standing by and our extreme weather team up and down the storm zone. we start with abc's meteorologist jinker zee, she's in boston.
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ginger? >> it's not often that you get to stand in the street in the middle of boston and have absolutely nothing around you. after 4:00 p.m., people were told, do not drive. if you do, you get a $500 fine or face up to a year of jail time. pretty intense and it should be as all eyes on this nor'easter that will be sure to make weather history. >> reporter: it's a pre blizzard paralyzation. >> stay off the roads. stay home. >> reporter: boston's on lockdown. their airport shut down. and states of emergency were declared in at least five states. >> i think everybody's in a panic. everyone's getting ready. we don't know what to expect. >> reporter: well, we do know what to expect. one to two feet of snow for some of the biggest cities. the wind and storm surge, also a huge issue. our affiliates from across the region reporting on the deteriorating conditions. >> i can tell you i'm standing
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alongside one very, very angry long island sound. you can see the waves whipping up. you can see how fast and hard the snow is falling. >> reporter: the roads are already horrible. >> the roads are already horrible. i would honestly rather walk than drive. >> reporter: this section of i-95 in connecticut was shut down and even the plows are crashing. this one flipped in bedford county, virginia. in new york, long lines and fears of fuel shortages like after superstorm sandy. >> all indications are the gas supply is plentiful and deliveries will not be disrupted. >> reporter: at the airport, at least 4,500 flights canceled through sunday and delays felt as far away as los angeles. in boston, getting off the roads and home was most important. >> my concern is about the power.
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>> i heard we might get a foot or two. so it sounds like the blizzard of '78 which i grew up hearing my parents talk about. and it may be our turn now. >> reporter: diane, the worst of it is just getting under way, it go through the early morning hours. we've had a 50-plus miles per hour gust. i have the goggles and i'm going to need it here. as will everyone else. >> snappy goggles, but you do need that protection. so you're ordered off the roads in boston. but gio benitez is out on other roads for us tonight in hartford, connecticut. >> we're making the drive up to hartford, connecticut, the governor here has already declared a state of emergency. he's also ordering people off the roads. as conditions deteriorate into a blizzard. >> please stay off of 95, 84, merit park way and any other limit access road in the state.
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only emergency personnel and response personnel should be using that road system. >> reporter: national weather service has warned of whiteout conditions throughout the storm zone. that means visibility will be near zero. 800 state and private plow crews are ready to take on the snow and so are utility workers, everyone hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. >> thanks so much, geo. >> and now to the people hit so hard by hurricane sandy, 102 days after that blow, in the bull's eye again. as one survivor of sandy said today, it's as if mother nature is mad at us and abc's ron claiborne is there in the rock away tonight. ron? >> reporter: this is one of the dozens of homes here that was destroyed during hurricane sandy. in many ways, this community is frozen in time. this is a halloween ornament from just a couple days before
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that storm hit. here we go again. a crippling snowstorm, hitting the raw wounds of this beach town. >> how many storms of the century can you have in six months? >> reporter: sheila forsmythe's house us right on the water. it was flooded in hurricane sandy up to the second floor, forcing her out of her home for six weeks. tonight, she's staying put. >> it's a little disheartening that we're just getting hit and hit. >> reporter: for some, like lisa jackson buying ice and gasoline for her generator it was a lesson learned the hard way. >> i was prepared for three, four days, not for a month. >> reporter: but here getting provisions isn't easy. only a few gas stations are open and the one big supermarket, still closed. >> my brother called me this morning and said -- >> reporter: the expectation tonight, diane is for a lot of snow, high winds, flooding and very likely power outages. people here will remain here in
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their homes tonight hunkered down and ready for the worst that mother nature has for this community. >> all right, ron, thank you. and from the beginning of this storm beginning to form, sam champion has been tracking the power of the storm as it moved up the coast. so sam, what's ahead tonight? >> reporter: well, good evening, diane. we still got slushy snow on the roads of new york city, but everything's right on schedule. we're watching this injection of cold wintry air get into the moisture of the southern section. the intensification of the storm, you can see the thunderstorms just off shore off long island. we've had reports of thunder snow which would indicate the intensification of this storm beginning slightly on long island. we think it gets worse closer to the midnight hour. rough and toughest up until four:00:00 a.m. on that map, you can see the wind profile, the red arrows with the 60 miles per hour winds right up the shoreline from long
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island into boston throughout the overnight hour and into tomorrow morning. see no reason to just these snow totals, six to eight to ten inches in new york city and up to a foot, two feet as we start to work towards boston, maybe more than two feet of snow in that boston area. remember their all-time high on a one-snow event is about 27.6 inches in boston and that's being threatened in in storm tonight. >> okay, sam, thanks. our entire team ready to put in a long night tonight. and we have a final note about the storm and your health. more than 11,000 of us end up in the emergency room after blizzards and snowstorms. we wanted you to know the most common injury is lower back pain and strain from shoveling snow. but the most serious injury, heart attack. and doctors say shoveling snow for half an hour is like lifting heavyweight for 30 minutes. so anyone 65 or older should know they're more than four
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times as likely to have a heart attack. so be really careful out there. and we move out west now to a different kind of snowstorm up in a mountain that's made it even tougher for police trying to track that rogue ex-cop with a stash of weapons and a dangerous mind. the families of police officers targeted and tonight under police protection themselves, we have two reports starting with abc's david wright. david? >> good evening, diane from southern california. there's no such thing as the endless summer here in big bear. a small army of police officers deployed to this mountain resort, searching for christopher dorner. but the weather hasn't helped. there's been no new sightings in more than 24 hours. here in big bear, aerial
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searches are impossible. on the ground, not much better. police took snowcats up the mountain to search remote cabins. >> we'll continue to search until we discover he left or we find him. >> it's a little scary. we're looking in cars. >> i've done things that i've never done before. i go into the restaurant, i'm looking where's the back door? >> the last real clue of dorner's whereabouts, the smouldering wreck of his truck, found more than 24 hours ago with no body inside. foot steps leading away. how far away? that's the question. tonight the trail has gone cold, shrouded in snow and something else. the suspect knows police methods and tactics. here's abc's pirs thomas. >> reporter: thanks, david. we're here at a police station and they're stepping up security. law enforcement officials are stepping up security. that's because the police are the target.
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all across southern california police on edge, clear evidence christopher dorner is a lethal adversary because dorner of the one of law enforcement's own in a lengthy manifesto posted online, he taunts police, writing, i know your techniques and tactics. his former girlfriend is afraid for her life. >> i think it's a scary situation. who's next? you know, you don't know. >> reporter: dorner has participated in dragnet, so he understands exactly how to evade police. he's been constantly on the move from irvine to san diego. then riverside, and now possibly big bear mountain. and he's aware of police surveillance techniques. he even claims to have a list of all of lapd's unmarked police cars. justin gabo served in the navy with dorner upon. >> he has a great deal of training and experience, using offensive and defensive tactics. >> dorner is a skilled shooter who has won awards for marksmanship. he claims to have explosives,
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high capacity clips and a 50-caliber rifle capable of slashing through police body armor and even cars. this is the round that rifle fires, it's more than five inches long. just imagine the damage it could cause. >> going through body armor and cars. thank you, pierre. of course they don't know what else he might have. i know that you and david wright will be watching this story. and now, the latest extraordinary breach of privacy by the people who invade your personal computer information. the victim tonight, none other than the bush family. a hacker gained access through the daughter of george bush h.w. bush and claims to have read three years of e-mail between former president 41 and his family and friends. an investigation is under way. still ahead here on "world news," a wonderful thing to see, a little boy, that little boy held in the bunker, at least you
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itching for relief? preparation h offers the most maximum strength solutions for all hemorrhoid symptoms. from the brand doctors recommend most. preparation h. don't stand for hemorrhoids. and now the first video of the little boy held captive in a bunker for nearly a week, a nation holding its breath and now a mother holding her little boy again. tonight david muir is just back from alabama with exclusive pictures and you met with the family, david and how is he doing? >> ethan is smiling wide. you'll see if for yourself. so is his mom, brother, and entire family. grateful for that rescue, grateful they were able to throw him that birthday party, that team getting him out just before he turned six. >> reporter: tonight, an abc news exclusive. this is ethan. that boy held in that bunker. now home with his mother. his family, now smiling again.
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>> reporter: the family telling us they hoped we should america their little boy is back. and tonight, for the first time, the images from ethan's 6th birthday party this week. taken captive just days before his birthday, the entire town had hoped and prayed for this party. and they held it. his family, his friends, and the heroes. the team that saved him. the fbi agent who made the call to move in. >> approximately 3:12 this afternoon, fbi agents safely recovered the child who has been held hostage for nearly a week. >> reporter: for the first time, ethan's immediate family is talking. his older brother telling us how difficult it was for his mother not able to hug the boy who loved to be hugged. who loved to be tucked in at night. >> it was hard not to be able physically touch him, hug him, and really be there for him. >> reporter: the family telling me they knew little about the minute by minute surveillance of that bunker about the crying for his mother, about the rare moments of joy negotiators could hear when the toys were passed into the bunker.
6:47 pm
just today aerial pictures, investigators digging around the bunker, sorting through the evidence. we learned every night the family would depend on that team, waiting for a text message when ethan would go to sleep. >> we didn't did know when he was gone to sleep for the night. >> reporter: was that some comfort? >> that was some comfort where i could lay my head down. >> reporter: but as the hours grew to days, abc news has learned there was a moment when the special agent in charge grew nervous too, telling us, he suddenly knew they'd run out of time to negotiate. how close to you think his mother was to losing ethan? >> i thought he was going to die. we all thought he was going to die. >> reporter: he made it clear he was going to harm ethan? >> he made it very clear he was going to execute his plan and that was the day. >> he was chillingly candid as we spoke with the one-on-one
6:48 pm
with the special agent in charge. tonight on "20/20" you'll hear more. they would foo the gunman into coming closer to the hatch at the top of the bunker. >> and has ethan spoken about that yet? >> i asked family too. he's not said a word about the bunker or the man. >> cannot wait to see your reporting tonight on a special "20/20." as david said, how they got ethan out. and coming up here, a surprise at the oscars. who else is going to be joining adele on stage? ♪ [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where you don't back down from a challenge. this is the age of knowing how to make things happen. so, why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra.
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prego?! but i've bought ragu for years. [ thinking ] wonder what other questionable choices i've made? i choose date number 2! whooo! [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. at the top of our instant index tonight, a mystery solved. you'll remember this. when the lights went out at the super bowl. well, today we learned the extraordinary 34-minute
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black-out was caused by an ordinary device, a relay, installed to guard against cable failure. tonight there's word that that one offending piece of hardware has been removed and will be replaced. and we have another post script to the super bowl. we're told that the harbaugh brothers, those opposing coaches, haven't spoken since that night of victory and defeat. and the oscar play list got a big boost today, call it a diva try fekta now. barbara streisand and adele and -- ♪ goldfinger ♪ ♪ he's the man, the man with the midas touch ♪ >> dame shirley bassy herself, she'll perform at the oscars, singing goldfinger as part of a golden anniversary tribute to bond. it's a hard act to follow. just ask adele who says, quo,
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it's a lot of press pressure to do a film for any film, let alone a bond song and shirley bassey is the queen of bond. and coming up next here, our person of the week, a sense yaus superstar chef on how to make great food, have confidence, and she gives you a big secret for your valentine's day. yet many of us don't meet our daily protein needs? make great food, have confidence, and she gives you a big secret for your valentine's day. on how to make great food, have confidence, and she gives you a big secret for your valentine's day. make great food, have confidence, and she gives you a big secret for your valentine's day. on how to make great food, confidence, and she gives you a big secret for your valentine's day. chef on how to make great f have confidence, and she gives you a biscreor y
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and finally tonight, our person of the week is a reigning superstar of great food and living as you choose. nigella lawson is an author, cook, glamourous sensation. you may have seen her lately on the new abc food contest called the taste. before you meet her, take a look at the promotional picture from the show. can you guess what she told the anxious publicity people they must never airbrush out? >> i could see slight twitching of a los angeles eyebrow or two, not that any eyebrows could move in los angeles but i could see that they felt there was slight swilling over the tummy area. why a tummy was. i could see that they were desperate to go and i said, please promise me you don't airbrush out because that's my
6:56 pm
tummy because you can't eat and like food and have no flesh to show for it. >> reporter: she's the reigning queen of food for pleasure. a girl who grew up the daughter of the chancellor of the exchequer, like the secretary of treasurer here. she says confidence comes from simply being what you are. >> confidence is maybe so overvalued. i feel that confidence is very undervalued virtue, but actually unless you're truly confident, any confidence is false. so i think it's the notion that i can provide for my own existence and i think that arms you. >> and it was cooking that would console her in crisis. her mother died at the age of 48. then her sister died at the age of 41. and then, as her husband lay
6:57 pm
dying, too, she created a cookbook of food that got her through the day. >> when john, my first husband, was very ill, i think that was very therapeutic for me, writing that book. something so extraordinary about eggs, sugar, flour, butter, becoming a cake. maybe that's what i needed then. >> today she's remarried and here's her advice for a great valentine's day. take a whole pan of spaghetti in the pan off the stove, take the pan to bed and eat it with two forks. >> it's quick and it's -- the sound it makes, as you swirl that creamy egg sauce with that salted bacon, for me, it's pretty unbeatable. so excited. >> and most of all, she says, remember when you're cooking, you're cooking for what makes you feel most alive. what is it for her? >> for sure, and it's not going
6:58 pm
to be any lofty and it involves a chicken. i always, if i've been away, i get in the door, take my coat off, wash my hands, and put a chicken in the oven. until the house is filled with the scent of a roasting chicken, i'm not absolutely sure i'm home. >> we choose the amazing nigella lawson. we thank you for watching. "nightline" later at its new time, 12:35 eastern and david muir here all weekend long. i want to thank everyone who tweet the me pictures of what makes you smile in the snow and here are a couple of them as we say goodnight. this is so sick! i can't believe your mom let you take her car out. this is awesome! whoooo!
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